Data Centre Services

Data Centre Services

Whether you are looking to move a few servers off site as part of your DR strategy, change current colocation provider or deploy a full hosting project globally Equal Two can help, we have access to data centres both in the UK and globally, and offer a range of colocation options including cages, suites, full, half and quarter racks or fully managed hosting options.

When choosing a datacentre you need to ensure that the chosen location will be able to support your needs today and also cater for future growth, ever increasing rack densities means that power supply is key, Equal Two can provide the infrastructure to meet your demands whatever they may be.

A choice of ‘on net’ network providers is an important element when selecting the right datacentre for your business, choice of carrier will enable diversity and resilience, Equal Two can provide connectivity with the most appropriate provider to meet your specific requirements . Equal Two has wholesale agreements with a multitude of network providers which means that we can provide the right datacentre coupled with the right connectivity to meet your business needs.

We can provide the options, you make the choice.

Colocation/Hosting Options

  • Private cage
  • Full Rack
  • Half Rack
  • Quarter Rack

Fully Managed Options:

  • Bespoke Server Management
  • Equal Two Infrastructure/Cloud Services

Infrastructure Services

Equal Two Infrastructure services are designed to extend, or even replace, your on premise IT infrastructure to a managed cloud based alternative. Our services can be used individually, still integrating with your on premise systems, or combined to provide a fully outsourced cloud IT infrastructure.

Cloud Drive

Equal Two Cloud Drive is a low-cost alternative to a local fileserver. It allows users to access the storage via the internet as a “mapped-drive” to store and share files and documents. Multiple drives can be created for different user groups with different permissions and all data is backed up to ensure that there is not possibility of data loss.

Servers on Demand

Equal Two servers on demand is a managed virtual server platform allowing you to run your business and web applications securely in the cloud and manage them from the Equal Two portal. Servers can be provisioned in minutes, upgraded, downgraded and applications added at any time when you require without any down time or any fuss.

Hosted Desktop

Equal Two hosted desktop is a fully managed desktop computing platform in the cloud. The Equal Two portal allows you to easily provision users’ desktops and access all of your desktop applications from a range of devices including laptops and desktops, tablets, terminals – ideal if you are considering offering a BYOD option for staff.

Simplified Provisioning, Management and Billing

Equal Two Infrastructure services can be used individually or in conjunction with each other to address your desktop, server and storage requirements. All of our services are managed with a financially backed SLA, automatically upgraded and supported and provisioned in minutes using the Equal Two control Panel. Add to this the flexibility that all of our services are billed monthly in arrears based on the services consumed and you’ll find that the cost of running your IT systems in Equal Two is highly competitive compared to buying and supporting traditional on premise IT Infrastructure.

“Keeping up with the latest developments in business IT is simply impossible for a team of our size. With EqualTwo I have the peace of mind I’m not missing out on developments that could improve our business performance.”