Connectivity Services

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Multi Protocol Layer Switching (MPLS) is flexible, fast, cost-efficient and allows for network segmentation and deployment of quality of service (QoS). This makes it an ideal solution for transporting latency-sensitive applications like voice and video.

It provides a highly flexible and scalable network technology. Flexible because it has the ability to support voice, data and video. Scalable because of the ease of adding sites and increasing bandwidths. It is the ideal technology for a business that wants to deploy a network to meet today’s needs in the knowledge that it will also meet future requirements.

Equal Two offers a range of connectivity options for MPLS networks from 2Mb to Gb connectivity delivered via DSL, FTTC, EFM and Ethernet.


Virtual Private LAN Service(VPLS) provides multipoint to multipoint communication over an MPLS network. VPLS service allows customers with WAN sites in geographically dispersed locations to communicate as if they are connected to the same LAN. By deploying the network using Ethernet technology means that the customer retains control and are able to make network updates without calling upon the provider for assistance. This enables a higher level of security when circumstances warrant it. Ethernet is transparent so customers can rely on it to carry any type on Ethernet traffic, not just IP based protocols.

Internet Access

Internet Access is an essential tool for any business. From a simple means of connecting to your email provider to being an 'online' business, an internet connection is the lifeline of today’s commercial world. Equal Two offers internet connectivity at speeds from 2Mb up to 10Gb. Whether you need to connect a regional site, an HQ, in the UK or anywhere in the world via Ethernet, EFM, DSL and FTTC, we can provide the most suitable solution for your business.

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